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maC Graduation work

A dance piece about leaving rehearsed paths and wandering around on wrong tracks.

Uferstudios Uferstudios, Foto Guido Borgers

Noise. Change. Flutter. Stumble. Stagger.

The three protagonists embark on a detour. They never take the direct path, take on the most diverse forms, fail at undeclared goals. They only stop at stops to wait - without knowing what.
Additional information
Funded by Deutscher Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and Neustart Kultur.


Choreography: Veronika Heisig | Composition: Ádám Bajnok | Dance: Elisa de la Luz Irsara, Celia Morris, Manse | Stage: Roger Paulino | Light: Nicolás San Martín | Costume: Mina Purešić | Dramaturgy: Ariane Burghard
Uferstudios - Uferstudio 14
Uferstudios - Uferstudio 14