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A wide photo border gives a hint of the secret observation of people by a pinhole camera. In a Stasi training film, a speaker guides the viewer through the procedures of a secret apartment search in an unaccented and instructive voice.

Stasizentrale © visumate

In addition to documents that have survived in written form, the Stasi documents archive preserves 1.95 million photos, 2,876 films and videos, and 22,700 audio recordings. On the audio and visual level, they convey additional impressions of everyday life and the workings of a secret police force.

On the occasion of the Open Monument Day, which this year has the motto "Sensual & Sensible", we would like to appeal to your sensory perceptions. The special guided tour focuses on the diverse audiovisual heritage of the Stasi.

A visit to the video studio of the Stasi documents archive illustrates how the sensitive film tapes and video cassettes remain playable today and are preserved from destruction. In the photo lab, employees digitize the photos, protecting them from wear and tear. A look into a storage room shows how the holdings are stored today.

Before and after the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "Insight into the Secret" with the sample file collection.

The tour takes place within the framework of the Open Monument Day

Registration for the guided tour by e-mail or tel. 030 18 66 5 66 99

(Program in German)
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