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Tomi Paasonen

With Attitude, Tomi Paasonen returns to ballet and returns to what used to be his dance focus for 30 years. It is time to examine processes, forms and techniques from his choreographic practice in the 1990s from today's perspective.

Attitude is a contemporary ballet etude created for two Berlin-based queer ballet dancers dancing on pointe and a drag performer: The American-born dancer Kai Braithwaite (Komische Oper, Oper am Rhein, Dance Theater of Harlem) and Canadian Ted Littlemore (Ne.Sans Dance Company, Joshua Beamish/ The Vancouver Opera) and the brilliant Scottish drag performer Gieza Poke.

Attitude is a study of what happens when you mix the rigorous academic vocabulary of classical ballet and pointe dance with contemporary choreographic and dramaturgical impulses. It is an experiment that uses technical skill and virtuosity for new critical perspectives on the classical form.

Fusing the dancers' autobiographical narratives with pop culture and queer sensibilities, it aims to expand the uses of the pointe shoe, which becomes the fuel for movement and choreography.

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Choreography, direction, soundtrack, costumes: Tomi Paasonen

Dance: Kai Braithwaite, Ted Littlemore , Gieza Poke

Lighting design: Asier Solana

Photo: Teodora Simova


A production by Tomi Paasonen in co-production with DOCK AR