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guided tour

Berlin's Jewish burial sites are inextricably linked to Brandenburg and Prussian history. They bear witness to the eventful course of assimilation and tolerance, but also to persecution and destruction.

The cemetery of the Jewish community in Weißensee, which opened in 1880, is Europe's largest Jewish cemetery in terms of area and houses around 116,000 graves. During the Nazi dictatorship, the war in particular caused considerable damage. During the GDR era, despite its status as a “national cultural monument,” it was desecrated several times by right-wing radicals. In the recent past, most recently in 2019, it has been the site of sporadic anti-Semitic actions.

The walk leads past the burial sites of famous and special people in Berlin's history. Stories are told, some experienced first hand, from times when the “Good Place of Weißensee” was completely overgrown.
Today this cemetery is once again the main burial place of the Jewish community in Berlin.

Meeting point: at the entrance to the cemetery, Herbert-Baum-Straße 45, 13088 Berlin-Weissensee
Leadership: KD L. Ehmke

In addition to the participation fee, there is an entrance fee to the cemetery of €1.

The headgear required for men can be borrowed at the entrance to the cemetery.

Suitable for people with walking difficulties.

Cost: €12

Aimed at: Adults
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