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The specially developed format of two half-hour fairy tales per performance brings to light how closely the crude charm of these fairy tales, their disconcerting comedy and the unwieldy shudder are connected with everyone's very own fears and hopes. And the stage becomes a colorful table of gifts, with something for everyone: highly entertaining fun.

Aschenbrödel © Daniel Wetzel


"Stay always pious and always good. And I will always be around you." Always. Always. Always. A promise of happiness made to a child by its mother that is not kept. Instead, the child discovers a world that simply does not correspond to his basic trust and sense of justice. And yet it does not let its backbone be broken and fights for its promise of happiness. Forever!

Sleeping Beauty

To be a child again. Isn't that what everyone wishes for? To let go once again, to follow one's inner play instinct and to simply be allowed to ask naive questions: This is something that few adults are allowed to do. Yet it is the infantile playfulness and creativity of a child from which we adults can learn the most, and which are deeply rooted in each of us. Being a child is not a phase of life, but a part of being human. It slumbers in you, too, and is just waiting to be kissed awake from its Sleeping Beauty slumber. May the playing never find an end!

(Program in German)
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