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Image Ecology

In the Artist Talk, artist Tristan Duke talks to guest curator Boaz Levin about his ongoing experimental project Glacial Optics. Inspired by the realization that old ice is often particularly clear and that glaciers could be viewed as "natural optical elements", the artist used special tools to create a lens from glacial ice during his expeditions to the Arctic.

Mounted in a large tent camera, this extraordinary camera obscura, according to Duke, captures the "glacial view" on huge negatives (106 x 250 cm). The artist provides insight into the process of creating his research-based project, which includes expeditions and photograms as well as performances, and talks about his understanding of the environment as a living entity.

Tristan Duke (*1981, USA) is an experimental artist based in Los Angeles. Through his innovative use of materials and craft, as well as his creative research work and artistic actions, Duke explores visual forms of knowledge in order to open up radically new perspectives. He has lectured and exhibited internationally, e.g. at LACMA, MASS MoCA, The Santa Fe Institute, The Exploratorium, The George Eastman Museum, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, and many others.
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