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Journalist and literary critic Verena Auffermann is a guest at St. Matthäus Church and talks to the artist Jakob Mattner and Pastor Hannes Langbein, director of the St. Matthäus Foundation, about “art in the space of the church”.

The conversation takes place as part of the accompanying program for Jakob Mattner's exhibition "Deep Time - The Distant Sound", which will be shown in St. Matthäus until February 4, 2024.

What do we see and how do we try to explain what we see? How does art shape the space of the church and vice versa?

The cultural theologian Paul Tillich, who was ordained in St. Matthew, speaks of a “correlation” between art and religion, which relates the two to one another but does not allow them to merge into one another. Along this line of correlation, the artist Jakob Mattner, the journalist and literary critic Verena Auffermann and Pastor Hannes Langbein discuss Jakob Mattner's art in the church space.

Admission is free, no registration required.

(Program in German)
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