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Around György Ligeti: Romanian contemporary music – ethos and vigurosity

György Ligeti was an important Hungarian composer of the 20th century. He was known for his avant-garde and experimental compositions, often involving unconventional soundscapes and complex rhythms. Some of his most famous works include "Atmosphères", "Lux Aeterna" and "Requiem". Ligeti had a major impact on contemporary music and is considered one of the most important composers of his time.

Works performed:

Gyorgy Ligeti
Musica ricercata: excerpts

Adrian Pop
Țiituri 2 for violin and piano (German premiere)

Alexandru Murariu
Frontières for ensemble (German premiere)

Áron Török-Gyurkó
Origo for ensemble (German premiere)

Cornel Şăranu
Kerkyra trio for clarinet, viola and piano (German premiere)

Gabriel Iranyi
Due expressioni for ensemble (world premiere)

Doina Rotaru
Clocks for ensemble (German premiere)

Dan Dediu
Refrains icastiques I for ensemble (German premiere)

Ensemble Couleurs:

  • Ramona Murariu flute
  • Carina Coste flute
  • Sergiu Cebotari clarinet
  • Sanda Răileanu Harp
  • Toni Vintur drums
  • Sonia Vulturar violin
  • Ana Buia violin
  • Fodor Lilla Dorottya Viola
  • Diana Stir cello
  • Adela Hania Greab cello
  • Alexandru Murariu Conductor
  • Alexandru Lazar piano

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Additional information
Participating artists
Ensemble Couleurs
Ramona Murariu
Carina Coste
Sergiu Cebotari
Sanda Răileanu
Toni Vîntur
Sonia Vulturar
Ana Buia
Fodor Lilla Dorottya
Diana Stir
Adela-Hania Greab
Alexandru Murariu
Alexandru Lazăr