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Zirkus Berlin

Arnulf Rating actually just wanted to take the newspapers to the waste paper. But then he gets stuck with a stupid headline. What comes after Corona?

Was there something? What was there? The carousel spins. Fast. Faster. Circus. Surprisingly, one sensation after the other is presented. Berlin is the center. This is where the music plays. It goes up faster and faster. And even faster down again. Money is lacking everywhere. But on the other hand, there is enough of it! It is simply reprinted.

These are the golden twenties. The man with the coke is also back. Things are heating up. We talk about it. On the talk shows. The presenters are the tamers with their mixed predator groups of hired mouths. The lion roars, the audience is fascinated or bored - but they stay tuned.

Arnulf Rating knows his stuff: He lives in Berlin - and he belongs to the risk group. In his program, he takes the audience on a parforceride through the manege. One of the longest-serving sharp tongues in the country shines here with speed and high entertainment value. The last of the legendary 3 Tornados to take the stage. He knows which way the wind blows. His standard is the same as it was back then with the 3 Tornados. Entertainment with attitude. Especially when it gets stormy. The claim remains: to let people out of the theater with expanded consciousness upstairs and wet pants downstairs.

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