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Comedienne and Podcaster

Ariana Baborie, the Berlin-born podcaster, comedienne and moderator showed her talent for entertainment and wordplay at an early age. Since February 2022 she has been producing the weekly podcast "Finally normal people" together with Till Reiners.

At the age of ten she recorded her own radio programs on the children's cassette recorder, and at the age of 22 Ariana Baborie was at the microphone for the Berliner Rundfunk. Later she moderated the morning shows at You FM (ARD) and Kiss FM in Berlin.

From 2016 to 2021 she co-hosted the weekly comedy podcast "Herrengedeck" with Laura Larsson, which made it into the top 5 most streamed podcasts worldwide in 2019. In addition, Ariana was awarded the German Comedy Prize in the category "Best Female Podcaster" in 2020, as well as the People's Choice Award presented in L.A. as "German Social Star of the Year".

She has also been on stage at the Quatsch Comedy Club, at the RTL Comedy Grand Prix and with Dieter Nuhr.

Now it's time for her to go back live to the stand up mic. In September Ariana can be seen live on stage in Berlin with her first solo program.

Comedienne and podcaster Ariana Baborie will be on tour through Germany for the first time in autumn 2023!

(Program in German)

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