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2nd Berlin jazz and swing dance festival

The second edition of the festival “Are You Syncopated?! Syncopation Society celebrates the diversity and heritage of jazz and swing with a colorful program of music, dance and discussions. The festival "Are you Syncopated?!" offers a great mixture of music and dance in the field of early jazz.

Are you Syncopated?!

As always, there is a focus on politically and historically relevant lectures and discussions. It is about dealing with jazz as an Afro-American cultural form, about the influence of racism and sexism on the development of jazz or about the question of how appreciation of black people or other cultures can succeed without cultural appropriation.

The festival also includes the BERLIN HOT JAZZ CAMP with music workshops and lecturers from the Syncopation Society, who are dedicated to early jazz and collective improvisation.

New to this format are dance workshops that focus on musicality and expression. Guest lecturers are Felipe Braga (Brazil), Marie N`diaye (France) and the Smile Trio (Mozambique).

Of course there are also concerts, dance parties and jam sessions. Featuring: Bands from the Syncopation Society - Ragtime Nightmare, The Big Five, Kelvin Sholar Trio, the Jungle Jazz Band, the Syncopation Society Orchestra and international guests such as the American singer and actress Nicolle Rochelle, the Parisian saxophonist Olivier Franc and his son Jean -Baptiste Franc at the piano. The aim is to bring together different generations of dance and music scenes who share a common passion for swing and jazz.

About the Syncopation Society

The Syncopation Society is a Berlin-based music collective dedicated to promoting early jazz and swing through events, concerts and educational programs.
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