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When a concert series is sold out for three years, it is already a small sensation. We are talking about the legendary Arab Song, which used to take place in the Werkstatt der Kulturen and has now found a new home with an optimal atmosphere in the Zigzag Jazzclub.


Under the direction of Moroccan oud player and fusion musician Alaa Zouiten, all music enthusiasts can experience an explosive musical Hafla.

Hafla? A Hafla is a little bit of party, a little bit of transcultural jam session, a little bit of surprise. The most important thing is the interaction - between musicians on stage, between musicians and audience - and also the exciting interaction between Arabic, European and world music spheres. Hard to describe, must be experienced.

One thing is for sure, tjey warn you already: it is addictive. Join us for a mesmerizing musical journey as the immensely talented Hussam Al Ali takes the stage. In this special edition, Hussam will pay homage to the rich tapestry of Arabic music, presenting a song from each iconic nation – Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and more.

Dive deep into the heart of Arabic diversity and let each melody transport you to a different corner of the Arab world.

Master of ceremonies is Alaa Zouiten, born in Casablanca. There his musical career began as a master on the oud, the Arabic lute, and led from training at the Conservatoire National de Marrakech to sideman of the fusion band "Jbara". In parallel, he continued his musical studies and completed a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and Philosophy at the University of Erfurt in 2013. This was followed by a master's degree in Transcultural Music Studies at the Franz Liszt Hochschule für Musik in Weimar. He released several albums as a bandleader.

Further important stations of Alaa Zouiten were the musical direction and the performance with the "Global Arabian Music Orchestra" in the Berlin Philharmonie, the performance at the "Requiem for Syria" in the Dresden Philharmonie, Bienal del Flamenco in Sevilla (sept 2020), the tours of "TALKING OUD 2020/2021" in France, Germany, Spain and Morocco, as well as the UK tour with "Making Tracks 2022 "LA CARAVANE DU MAGHREB is a Berlin-based band consisting of three permanent, but often several musicians of different origins. Their repertoire consists mainly of traditional Moroccan music, including Gnawa, Malhoun and Chaabi, but also Algerian Rai music.

For several years Redha Bendib (percussion & vocals), Miloud Messabih (percussion, accordion & vocals), Belbachir Youssef (vocals) have been playing together in several projects, representing the North African region at numerous cultural events in Germany. The different nationalities and musical influences have helped to create a very diverse palette of North African music.

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