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According to an old rock'n'roll cliché, the third album is the make or break album.It is said that it decides whether a newcomer's career finally reaches its potential and moves up into the Champions League, or if it will languish forever. will bob along forever. If the cliché is true, Ansa Sauermann will be a pop star this year.

His previous album "Trümmerlotte" (2020) was praised to the skies by the critics. critics, who called it an "intoxicatingly beautiful pop album". pop album", "packed with hits" and recorded with a "fervour as if his life depended on it".

The album came out at the height of the pandemic, and Ansa, one of the best one of the best live acts in the German-speaking world, was - let's be frank - fucked. All that is now over. And wonderful things have happened since then, especially privately. happened. Ansa fell in love and married into a Swiss pop star dynasty of Sicilian origin.

Needless to say, such exuberance of emotions is inspiring, and Album three reflects this pivotal point in his life. It is his masterpiece. Romantic, poetic and yet fiery as ever.

You can't always get what you want... but you get what you what you need!

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