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The special year review 2019 The (ALLER) last at the end! "Women are amazed at what men forget, men are amazed at what women remember." (P.Bamm)

Anny Hartmann
Anny Hartmann PROMO

2019 - Politically an exciting year with the big questions: who comes, who stays? who is going? And - in any case - where to go? It was an exciting year, the range of topics almost inexhaustible - let yourself be surprised who and what Anny Hartmann unmasked in her annual review. Funny, charming and intelligent, she prepares the events of the past year. The longer you listen to Anny Hartmann, the more you ask yourself: we've done all that in 2019? Luckily the words ... Anny Hartmann are not missing. She is not only a knowledgeable foreign guide through the abysses of politics, but also did not fall on the lips.

That's why your annual review is so much fun! At the same time, she does not stop at secondary sites, but always puts her finger right in the middle of the wound. Where it hurts the most. Or just where it's funniest.

(Program in German)

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