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"Peace - yes that is the most important thing"

This year the Paul Robeson Choir is celebrating its 60th birthday with a concert in the Alt-Marzahn Evangelical Church. At the same time it commemorates the 125th birthday of Paul Robeson (1898-1976). The musical direction of the concert is in the hands of Joachim Kuipers.

The 50 singers of the Paul Robeson Choir maintain the legacy of their African-American namesake, who was known worldwide as a singer and actor. What's more, he was committed to the end of his life as a civil rights activist and peace fighter.

By cultivating Paul Robeson's musical legacy, the choir also identifies with his commitment to peace and justice. The concert under the motto “Rhythm of life” spans the musical bridge between the past and the present.

Free admission.
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Admission: 12 €, reduced 7 €
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