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The opinionated journalist and author Anne Dittmann is one of the best-known and most committed voices on the major topic of single and separated parenting. Her book offers all mothers support, comfort and empathy as well as initial orientation in a new phase of life. It provides concrete tips and encouragement, but also the right outlets for frustration and fears: as an anger and encouragement book, it picks up those affected exactly where they are during or after a separation: with all their insecurities and feelings - and the prejudices and disadvantages in our society that go hand in hand with a separation.

Portrait Anne Dittmann
Portrait Anne Dittmann Bastian Lisicki

Anne Dittmann counters both subtle and obvious stigmatizations and burdens with a positive and self-confident attitude. Her personal experiences surrounding her own separation from the father of her (then one-year-old) child and the reports of her community provide the framework for this sensitive, accessible and at the same time very knowledgeable and factual accompaniment in book form.

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