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Three artists have found each other by chance - a talented singer-songwriter and two longtime greats from Halle's music scene: the double bass player Akki Schulz and the guitarist Michael Proschek. Without having consciously searched for it, the two "Wise Old Men" decided to bring in their experienced instrument expertise and to accompany the lyrical songs of the songwriter Anna Maria Zinke.

The special appeal of the trio "Anna & the Wise Old Men" lies not least in the wonderful diversity of the three artists. They are not only musically unique, but also in terms of their age and their way of looking at life, they go their own way. Exactly this diversity opens new doors again and again and is clearly noticeable musically. The sometimes idiosyncratic arrangements testify to the joy of musical discovery with which the trio travels. They explore folky, jazzy and idiosyncratic detours with great curiosity.

In their songs they ponder deep red traffic lights, float through the universe of circling planets where everything seems to be in order, and stop off at melancholic café bars. Again and again they are drawn to the sea, where they want to lose themselves instrumentally on the horizon. The trio's journey is rarely straight, but they always stay the course. The music envelops everything like a weather mood and takes the audience into its world.

The members of the trio are:

  • Anna Maria Zinke: lyrics, melody, vocals, guitar, piano
  • Akki Schulz: double bass
  • Michael Proschek: guitar, ukulele, mandolin