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Godfrey Ekhator, a historian from Benin City, Nigeria, who is currently a fellow at the Ethnological Museum Berlin, is studying animal depictions in the so-called Benin bronzes. Not only are animals (and plants) important carriers of meaning in the complex visual language of these historical works, they also bear witness to extractivist practices since colonization. The visitors are invited to join this new perspective and follow wildcats, elephants, spiders and birds through the exhibition.

Osaisonor Godfrey Ekhator-Obogie is Executive Secretary and Research Fellow at the Institute for Benin Studies. He is a DAAD MuseumLab Fellow (2021), a Fellow of the French Institute for Research in Africa, Nigeria (IFRA-NIGERIA), and a member of the Lagos Studies Association (LSA). He is a freelance tour guide for visitors to the historical sites and monuments of the ancient Benin Kingdom in and around Benin City. His research focuses on the cultural history of the Benin Kingdom. His research interests include ethnicity and nationalism, migration and citizenship, cultural history in general, and Benin studies in particular. Ekhator-Obogie holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Education (History) from Adeyemi College of Education in Ondo and a Master's degree in History from Nigeria's premier university, Ibadan School of History.

In addition, Ekhator-Obogie is a registered member of the Nigeria Teachers Registration Council; he has authored articles/essays in local and international journals, including the popular Benin RedBook. He is also one of the co-curators of the exhibition Benin. Looted History at MARKK Hamburg.

- free of charge
- from 12 years
- Languages: German/English
- Location: Ethnological Collections, 2nd floor