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Not a childhood like any other. One that Andrea Sawatzki captures as if in a short film: in 1971, journalist Günther Sawatzki is fired from his job in London and goes back to his family in Germany.

Andrea Sawatzki
Andrea Sawatzki © Jeanne Degra

But he wants to give up his old life and be with his lover, with whom he has a daughter: Andrea. But soon it turns out that this worldly and educated man is seriously ill. Money becomes scarce, the mother has to go back to work as a night nurse, and ten-year-old Andrea takes care of the demented father, who is moody, impatient and hot-tempered.

A secret life unfolds between the two of closeness and estrangement, love and excessive demands. Until its catastrophic end. A haunting and very personal novel by bestselling author

Andrea Sawatzki's unvarnished autofictional novel

Moderation: Knut Elstermann

(Program in German)

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