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Three women, three generations: Carol – who appears to be living the perfect family life – commits suicide when her daughter Anna is 16 years old. Anna, who goes on to live in a commune and becomes addicted to drugs, takes her own life shortly after the birth of her daughter Bonnie. Bonnie tries to free herself from this fatal family pattern.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Anatomie eines Suizids
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She becomes a doctor and opposes her heritable depression and the looming danger of committing suicide with radical self-determination. Multiple award-winning author Alice Birch has composed a delicate score: The lives of the three women are narrated simultaneously, like a fugue, because their biographies are intertwined with each other across the generations and the longing for an autonomous life runs through them like a common thread.
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Participating artists
von Alice Birch (Autor/in)
Claude De Demo
Justine del Corte
Altine Emini
Gerrit Jansen
Judith Engel
Dana Herfurth
Ingo Hülsmann
Oliver Kraushaar
Sina Martens
Martin Rentzsch
Nanouk Leopold
Elsje de Bruijn
Wojciech Dziedzic
Donato Wharton
Arnaud Poumarat
Bahadir Hamdemir
Amely Joana Haag
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus