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The power of the arts is great. Yet where exactly does it lie? What can it achieve? Whom can it reach? What interests does it serve? THE POWER OF THE ARTS is the theme of the late-night series AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND. As of the 2019/20 season it will be curated by the singer, composer and director Elia Rediger. It thus continues the series' successful concept of providing commentary on five premieres on the big stage.

Eike Walkenhorst
Eike Walkenhorst © Eike Walkenhorst

Artists from the worlds of pop, rock, avant garde, fashion and visual arts will be invited as special guests to these evenings so that they may shape the events with their view of the grand opera, together with members of the house's ensemble.

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Additional information
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Participating artists
Elia Rediger (Konzept, Künstlerische Leitung)
Noemi Baumblatt (Bühne, Kostüme)
Sebastian Hanusa (Dramaturgie)
Ensemblesolisten der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Musiker des Orchesters der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Mit)
Deutsche Oper Berlin - Tischlerei