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The protagonist in Duncan Macmillan's monologue begins a list of everything beautiful in the world when he is seven. With everything worth living for. The list should reach the thousand: It should be a gift for his mother and change her view of the world after her suicide attempt.

Over the course of his life, the list becomes longer and more complex, adding 341: alcohol. 9995: Falling in love. 253263: The feeling of calm after realizing that even though you're in trouble, there's nothing you can do about it. Collecting all the beautiful things becomes his personal strategy for facing life and countering it with unshakable optimism. Until the list finally reaches the million.

Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe have created a big, bright story with their monologue, which premiered in 2013 and has been re-enacted numerous times.

ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL is an ode to life that tells with a lot of humor and tenderness about everything that makes life worth living and what makes you despair at times without losing hope.

(Program in German)

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