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Alice21 and Filo are making waves with their event, and not just musically. With Smile Away - Music doesn't leave you alone, the two of them are creating a concert on 19.Oct.23 where everyone can be can be who they really are and no one is guaranteed to go home without a big smile on their face.

Whether well over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone or as songwriters for big acts like Gestört aber Geil. The two singers have it all figured out. They encourage you to leave the last remnants of Corona behind and fill up on happiness.

"Far too often we turn small things into problems that don't really matter at all", Filo writes. What does my neighbour think about me right now or is my new photo really good enough for Instagram. All questions that definitely shouldn't ruin your day. In keeping with this, Alice21 invites you to accept yourself exactly as you are and presents her first album "Better than Perfect". album "Better than Perfect" with 12 new songs recorded live: "The worst thing about all of my life worst thing about all my life crises was that I always had the feeling that I was the only one with these problems and thoughts and unfortunately didn't dare talk about it back then - but that's different now!"

With this motto, the two of them have already inspired tens of thousands of live and radio stations such as Hit-Radio Energy, Radio Förde, Couch FM, Radio Zoom and many more and many more became fans. And are you fans yourself? You are encouraged to push your worries off your shoulders and be at the concert of the two musicians Alice21 and Filo at ART Stalker.

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