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The history of the Berlin Jewish community after 1945 is incomplete without that of Artur and Maria Brauner. For decades she stood at the side of community leaders Heinz Galinski and Jerzy Kanal, always at the side of the socially disadvantaged, while during this time he produced around 300 strips, including several that were simply intended to entertain.

But films such as “Morituri”, “Witness from Hell” and “Hitlerjunge Salomon” remain in memory – films that help ensure that the Shoah is not forgotten.

Dr. Alice Brauner, now managing director of CCC Filmkunst and CCC Filmstudios, founded by her father, tells the story of her parents in an exciting and loving way - from their youth in Poland, from their survival, their work in old West Berlin to the memory of them in today's Time.

Alice is musically accompanied by Laura Rosen and Max Doehlemann.

(Program in German)