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li Baba: A man, a woman and a missing brother. What begins as an ordinary thriller, evolves into a tangible flirtation with the beloved genre and ends in a showdown of ancient proportions.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Ali Baba & Rotkäppchen
Daniel Wetzel

Samia Chancrin and Vlad Chiriac go in search of the fairytale bazaar of the Thousand and One Nights, immerse themselves in a world full of envy and greed and realize that this case is more than an ordinary fairytale lesson.

With Samia Chancrin and Vlad Chiriac Director: Luca Schaub

Little Red Riding Hood: What a neat girl, completely changing innocence, what can go wrong ... Well, we were stopped to delete this fairy tale from the children's program: Challenging parents had to explain their protégés afterwards too much. If you read it, it is quite edifying. What you think about it stays private. But if you carry it out word for word, it gets explosive. Because this wolf has indeed only one thing in mind: ... - Right, the grandmother, what did you think?

And how does he devour her in bed? Right: With a single Haps, we like to play it for you. No one, not even the audience, gets out of this fairytale virgin as sinless as he came in. Be tempted by Little Red Riding Hood, get away from it all and discover the wolf in you!

With Ina Gercke | Samia Chancrin | Katrin Schwingel and Michael Schwager | Vlad Chiriac

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Pfefferberg - Glaspalast