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Le Best of

Orange track jacket? Puffy micro? French accent? Yes, you know it - and you've probably encountered it many times on your TV at home. Allow me: ALFONS, cult reporter in the service of German television!

And as such, "the Germans' favorite Frenchman" (FAZ) dissects the general news situation with a razor-sharp eye in his stage program, comments on the major scandals of this time and devotes himself with his characteristic journalistic meticulousness to the small but all the more remarkable finds from everyday German madness.

But above all, ALFONS presents a selection of personal highlights in "Le BEST OF": the best from his many years of studying the behavior of Germans in the wild - the best texts, the best stories and, of course, some of his notorious reportages from this land of poets and plumbers, allotment gardeners and backwoodsmen.

What drives him again and again? It's the search for the true essence of the Germans - an everlasting mystery: "Back when I left France, I told my friends: 'Don't worry, I'll be back soon - I'll just stay until I understand the Germans.' That was more than 30 years ago. Alors, I'm still here..."

  • Language: German

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