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The Danish singer and songwriter Alex Vargas has made an impression far beyond national borders with songs like "Shackled Up" and "Solid Ground", enriched playlists and collected millions of streams.

Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas © Vidar Logi

Last summer, when Vargas made the crowds sing at various Danish festivals, one could see just how much loved his modern pop compositions are. A total of over 200,000 people saw and listened to him. Now he is preparing for the release of his third studio album called "BIG BIG MACHINE". The first single "Yougazer" landed in the top 20 of the single charts and the follow-up "Pages" is slowly picking up speed. No wonder, after all, everything is in it that makes Alex Vargas special: a good sense for clear melodies that fit well on the radio, but still bring depth. His powerful voice, which sometimes boasts dramatically and sometimes creeps up quietly but emphatically. And his sometimes extraordinary lyrics. You can hear it, for example, in "Yougazer", which begins with this beautiful line: "Lost at the bottom of a candy bowl / We're fresh out the rush where we found gold."
Hole 44 (ehemals Galaxy Club)