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Fantasy singing play with chamber orchestra and choir. For children from 10 years

In an archaic world, three great minds determine the fate of mankind. While Draco sows discord, demands strict adherence from people, and the words, "Why? From where? Wherever? "Auriga grants people with a life star individuality and personal freedom.

Nur ein Kind kann die Welt retten - Albirea
Nur ein Kind kann die Welt retten - Albirea © ATZE-Musiktheater

Albireo, the third great spirit, takes a balancing position as the balance between happiness and misfortune, right and wrong. When the sinister Draco has forced almost everyone on his side, the mysterious girl Albirea meets Elnath in the woods, a young hunter from the village of the last upright. Unknowingly, Albirea is destined to take on the all-important battle with Draco. Can you help Elnath uncover and end his dark machinations? However, Draco and his spy Alkor have long been the target of the young hunter and lure him into a trap ...

Largest ATZE production ever

In our fantasy Singspiel with chamber orchestra and choir topics such as power and greed, empathy and community spirit are negotiated for everyone from 10 years. The exciting plot, the elaborate costume design as well as fascinating characters like a kite and an errant guardian spirit promise a unique theater experience. The largest ATZE production of all time gathers 25 actors and musicians on stage, who for the first time also have a digital stage set.

Virtual Stage Design and Video Mapping

  • Many staging locations are created on the computer in a three-dimensional environment. With the help of projectors, it is possible to create exciting stage spaces. In the special 3D video mapping process, the transitions between the real and the virtual stage scenery are fluid. Thus, the performers are not only present on the stage, but also part of the virtual world. Concrete actions, such as a bow and arrow, are continued at the video level. Forests, the huts of the village or even the fantastic creatures are not just wallpapers on a video screen, but interact with the performers and thus become a living part of the stage happenings.

Musical design

  • Under the musical direction of Sinem Altan (European Composer Award 2015), a 13-member chamber orchestra is deployed, creating an impressive design for the stage. Choral elements, classical quotes and atmospheric sounds are combined with the songs written by theater director Thomas Sutter to form a unique overall composition.
(Program in German)

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Educational Services
Participating artists
Sinem Altan (Komposition)
Jasper Diederich (Ton)
Verena Hemmerlein (Kostümbild)
Jochen G. Hochfeld (Bühnenbild)
Marc Jungreithmeier (Video)
Ulrich Müller (Licht)
Katja Richter (Choreografie)
Sinem Altan (Musikalische Leitung)
Thomas Sutter (Regie)
Thomas Sutter (Komposition)
Sinem Altan (Komponist/in)
Thomas Sutter (Komponist/in)
Thomas Sutter (Autor/in)
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