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In summer, the Schlüterhof becomes a stage. The open-air summer festival takes place on four weekends in the Schlüterhof. Between 28 July and 20 August, 12 international music events alternate with a varied family programme.

Sängerin Yousra Mansour der Band Bab L' Bluz
Sängerin Yousra Mansour der Band Bab L' Bluz © Foto: Benjamin Astier

Friday 12.08.2022

  • 19:30 - 21:00 Bab L'Bluz
  • 21:15 - 22:45 DJ Bfan
Bab L' Bluz (literally "The Gate to the Blues") is a Franco-Moroccan band born 2018 in Marrakech. They are a Moroccan Psychedelic Rock band inspired by Gnawa and Hassani traditions, combining Rock, current music & Moroccan popular music. Moroccan singer-guitarist Yousra Mansour and the French guitarist/producer Brice Bottin met in Marrakech in early 2017. Both passionate about Gnawa music, they decided to learn the Guembri together and by Mid 2018, they were joined by friends and musicians from Lyon Jérôme Bartholomé and Hafid Zouaoui and the rest is history.

Najib Blacky Abidi aka BFAN is a musician and DJ from Tunisia. His range includes North African songs and the electronic sound of the city.

- Open Air and free of charge

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Humboldt Forum: Schlüterhof