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The exhibition "Airbound: Sensing Collective Futures" is presented by the experimental laboratory CollActive Materials. The focus is on air and its existential role in the global climate crisis. People from society, science and design have come together to design possible futures. Inspired by this, scenarios were designed that can be seen in the CLB in the Aufbau Haus on Moritzplatz.

The theme of the exhibition "Airbound" is "Invisible and yet omnipresent: You have to talk about the air, because it is in the air that the global climate crisis will be decided and with it the possible futures of our coexistence.

The exhibition "Airbound" presents climate fiction and speculative everyday scenarios that were developed in an open collaborative process by people from society, science and design. Here it becomes clear that air is a commons - it has a long history as a collective element. "Airbound" promotes exchange at eye level and connects research and the public, individuals and many, as well as breath and atmosphere.

“Airbound: Sensing Collective Futures” is part of Berlin Science Week.
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