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For many years now, Ailbhe Reddy has been touring the pubs of the capital, performing on all the festival stages in Ireland, and has won herself a lot of fans. Since her debut album "Personal History" she has become known far beyond the island, not least because with her intense lyrics and her grandiose voice she repeatedly breaks down the boundaries between personal experience and universal validity. In April Ailbhe Reddy will come to Berlin for the first time with her new songs.


"Tell me how did I get here? This endless pitiful affair." With these words Ailbhe Reddy opens her new album "Endless Affair", which will be released in March 2023 - and thus captures the basic idea in the first sentences. The challenge of letting something or a person go and accepting that finality.

The Dublin native reflects this theme from different directions, using her full musical spectrum from playful upbeat tracks to somber and heartbreaking tones. The whole human life spreads out, from the carefree beginning, the exciting days of searching - as on the new single, the adolescence and party song "Shitshow" - to its serious end in the rearview mirror.

A fine highlight is the penultimate song, "Pray for Me," which the Irishwoman wrote after the death of her grandmother and which oscillates quite instinctively between honest grief and vulnerability on the one hand and irony, youthful stupidity and anger on the other. That's where the whole greatness of her songwriting is revealed, with which she allows the range of emotions to shine through in just a few words and harmonies. This has brought her among the leading alternative folk artists on the island.

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