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Cloaked in glorification. The freedom of force. The beauty of blood and battle. The control in lack and in abundance. Mysticism in mercy. Mother of mayhem. (Katia Giovo) 

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: After a Murky Blush
Lea Bethke

“After a Murky Blush” is based on physical research done on the broad subject of ‘violence’; The coexistence of us and it, the resentment and reverence wrapped up in the experiences - witnessed, inflicted and received.

It’s not necessarily a reflection on the act of hurting someone else, but rather on the violence we carry in ourselves, the subtle one. The states before the physical act, where violence is still seductive and dangerous at the same time. And the state after, the phenomenon of post-violence, when groups and communities form after emerging from a violent moment or phase. The desire for togetherness and yet the loneliness and guilt it leaves behind. 

Why are we attracted to violence, and what does it do to us, when we see, experience and execute violence? What does it do to our desire? 

“After a Murky Blush” looks at the absurdity and comedy of the subconscious search of ours for what it is that hurts us the most. There is humanity in pain.
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Choreography and Concept  Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen  Creation and performance Roberta Ricci, Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen Music  Luca Canciello  Assistance Sarah Plattner
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin