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Book premiere in cooperation with CH. Links Publisher

As founding chancellor and highly revered statesman, Konrad Adenauer shaped an entire era. In order to secure his own power, the CDU leader undermined the democratic rules of the Basic Law, which he himself helped to shape.

For years he benefited from the secret and illegal investigation of the SPD leadership by the foreign intelligence service, which was orchestrated by his head of the Chancellery Hans Globke and the BND President Reinhard Gehlen and in which two SPD members were also involved.

As part of the research project on the history of the BND carried out by an Independent Commission of Historians, the historian Klaus-Dietmar Henke examined this delicate chapter of German post-war history on the basis of BND documents evaluated for the first time and hundreds of secret reports in the CDU archives. His book “Adenauer's Watergate”, which will be published by Ch.Links Verlag in mid-August, will be presented to the public for the first time on October 4th.

Following his lecture, Klaus-Dietmar Henke discussed with the director of the Leibniz Center for Contemporary History Research in Potsdam, Frank Bösch, the former director of the Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin, Horst Möller, and the head of the research department of the Stasi Records Center. Archives, Daniela Münkel.

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