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People surviving - a collective dream

Three actresses. They dream what they play. In the center of their dream / play: Adam Goodwin.

Szene aus Adam Goodwin
Szene aus Adam Goodwin Promo

Adam Goodwin, a modern saint - some want to see in him a street artist - refuses any image that people make of people.

He resists an existence as a single being, refuses death.

At the end of his life, before awakening, he has returned to the beginning.

The three actresses are Adam.

They are themselves: stripped of all roles.

Stripped of one above all: actress.
Additional information
Admission premiere: 14/ reduced 10 Euro

Admission further performance: 12/10 Euro

Ticket reservation recommended:
Participating artists
Mathias Neuber (Autor/in)
Kim White
Jana Veit
Steffen Aicheler
Torsten Strauß
Mathias Neuber
Peter Hiemeyer
Theater im Kino
Theater im Kino