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While looking for new song material, Frank Raschke, lecturer in chanson/song design for actors at the “Hans Otto” drama institute, came across Gundermann almost 20 years ago. Even when he was first working on his own interpretations, he was struck by the depth of content and clever dramaturgy of his texts.

Also the well thought out lines in the melodies of the settings. His personal enthusiasm was transferred to the students: Gundermann's songs quickly became “standard” repertoire at the HMT. Over 30 of Gundermann's songs are now part of this “standard” repertoire of acting training at the HMT; They have their own quality, which can also exist as practical study material alongside the “classic” song repertoire for actors and occupy an independent place, having achieved “classicity” themselves. In their directness, their poetry with a folk tone, and their authenticity, they are without equal.

Gundermann's 60th birthday was the occasion to present Gundermann's work to a larger audience from the perspective of the acting and singing approach to these songs. The ACTOR BRIGADE was born. Today she no longer sings "just" Gundermann, but also Eastern rock and her own songs.

Free entry, free snack & drink from 6:30 p.m

(Program in German)