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Maschinenhaus M0

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their first concert, the Art Critics Orchestra (ACO) will play in the Maschinenhaus M0 over the course of a week in November 2023. The focal point of their activities will be an improvised recording studio, where new songs will be recorded with visitors.

Art Critics Orchestra (ACO) are Micz Flor, Catherine Lorent, Andreas Schlaegel and Raimar Stange

Art Critics Orchestra Demo Studio with Saâdane Afif, Dave Allen, John Bock, Maria Brinch, Keren Cytter, Claus Föttinger, Christian Jankowski, Anna Meyer, Jonathan Monk, Marina Naprushkina, Kirstine Roepstorff, Karin Sander, Stefanie von Schroeter, Ross Sinclair, Annika Ström, Melou Vanggaard, Silke Wagner a. o.

Additional information
Price info: You for KINDL: 10 Euro
KINDL for You: 7 Euro


Free admission for children and young people up to 18 years of age.

Free admission on the first Sunday of every month (Museum Sunday). Please note that there may be waiting times on Museum Sunday.

Price: €10.00

Reduced price: €4.00

Reduced price info: Reduced admission applies to pupils, students, pensioners, severely disabled persons, holders of artCard.