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Their debut album "Tales From The Backseat" was released in 2018, but since then they have continued to release snotty, melodic indie rock singles like "Not Your Summer" and "Community Spirit" (both 2021) - or EPs like "Acting My Age" (2020). February 2023 will finally see the release of their second long player. "Sitting Pretty" will be its name. The two singles "Pushing Up Daisies" and "Don't Take It Personal" fuel the anticipation. Still in the release month, The Academic will then come across the channel to Berlin to present their new material live.

The Academic
The Academic Enda Bowe

The band has great vocal recognition, guitars boldly pushing forward, big melodies, youthful-wise lyrics sung with a fighting spirit.

Craig Fitzgerald, Dean Gavin and brothers Matthew and Stephen Murtagh have known each other since school days. Having become friends in their school days, they gradually built their first rehearsal experiences into an exciting career. But until they came together as The Academic, it took a few bad band names, as Craig once said in an interview.

The UK is a good place for special bands like The Academic, who euphorically indulge in their guitar sound. Let it rip!

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