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podcast for children

The children's podcast: "Abgespaced - Space from A to Z" answers the most exciting questions about the universe. How heavy is the moon? Where does a black hole end? How fast does a satellite fly? Can the sun explode and what does Saturn sound like?

SPB, Kinderpodcast Abgespaced
SPB, Kinderpodcast Abgespaced © Stiftung Planetarium Berlin

In the future, the children's podcast "Abgespaced - Space from A to Z" will answer these and other questions every 14 days with children's reporters.

Together with curious children's reporters, presenter Kristin Linde and the studiodrei podcast team, the Planetarium Berlin Foundation travels in alphabetical order from one letter to the next and together illuminates interesting and surprising topics relating to outer space.

Every 14 days on Tuesdays, Stiftung Planetarium Berlin releases a new episode - everywhere podcasts are available as well as on its YouTube channel.
(Program in German)
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