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Theater by Yatri Niehaus

Because I grew up here, I dream. Whose dream? Just because one grew up in this system, doesn’t mean that one feels good in it, that one supports it. Or does it? Just because one holds the society in one’s own body, doesn’t mean that one dreams the same dreams. Or does it?

The Afro-German protagonist of Abdruckkörper navigates his body within and away from the predetermined course. For, the direction, the trajectory is marked. German society is a historically constructed cultural labyrinth that produces visibility and exclusions, networks of relationships and clumps of capital. Whiteness is inscribed in the social disposition. The protagonist, the ego, lurches.

One’s own body is the stake on the path to the top. It’s going up, isn’t it? It follows the course and senses the centrifugal forces, the risk of breaking out. Your own body is the tool. It can be shaped from the inside and from the outside. And society – is it also malleable? With what input?

Abdruckkörper is the theatre debut of film director Yatri Niehaus.

This dramatic script was created as part of the Unconventional Signs writing workshop at Ballhaus Naunynstraße during the 2020/21 season. The premiere of this script marks a unique continuity: After Schwarz Tragen (Elizabeth Blonzen, 2013), Mais in Deutschland und anderen Galaxien (Olivia Wenzel, 2015), Jung, giftig und Schwarz (Amina Eisner, Thandi Sebe, 2015), Walking Large (Toks Körner, 2017), Call me Queen (Thandi Sebe, 2017), Aesthetics of Color (Toks Körner, 2019), Courageux! Furchtlos! (Amina Eisner and Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein, 2021) it is the eighth Afro-German drama created and performed at this theatre.

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Additional information
A production by Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. First production created as part of the project Unconventional Signs – new post-migrant Theater, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion of the State of Berlin and the Capital Cultural Fund.
Participating artists
Leonard Beck (Produktionsmanagement)
Wagner Carvalho (Regie Mitarbeit)
Cheng–Ting Chen (Bühne)
Kariem Friemuth (Sounddesign)
Rafael Hinz (Kostüm)
Fabian Larsson (Dramaturgie)
Thais Nepomuceno (Lichtdesign)
Yatri Niehaus (Text & Regie)
Josephine Papke (Regie Mitarbeit in früheren Aufführungen)
Thiago Rosa (Körpertraining)
Jasco Viefhues (Video)
Nuria de Lario (Maske)
Yatri Niehaus (Autor/in)
Jean-Philippe Adabra
Dörthe Eickelberg
Aloysius Itoka
Dena Abay