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Room: Zimmer 16 

Zimmer 16
Zimmer 16 © tic, Foto Uwe Precht

15:00 Up Kids
Unpluggedival Kids - stories become body percussion

18.00 Eno is inspired by Nordic singer/songwriters, indiepop, trashy 90s dance and funky breaks. mediates between songwriting and electronics. Whether with acoustic songs or dance tracks. He loves new inspirations and forms of expression.

21.00 Ukulele preacher
The Ukulele Preacher develops a new combination of language, acting and music, in which he puts philosophical reflections in the foreground. A total work of art that is as convincing as it is revolutionary.

Terrace: Room Open

7 p.m. Serious.
"10 Years of Freak!" For more than 10 years now, the three of you have been touring t and have played about 700 concerts. An extraordinaire ride between klamauk and high culture.

20.00 Terry Balfour
Terry Balfour is a Scottish songwriter and instrumentalist with roots in rock and folk music. He has played in many rock bands and festivals in Scotland. He recently moved to Berlin.
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Zimmer 16