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Blauer Mittwoch

Gropiusstadt shows what it's got when the Neukölln rap elite presents itself at the 447 Open Air. With Armyofbrothers, Brudi030, addeN, Team M.I.K Family, TRA, Guterzogene Asis and a secret headliner directly on Lipschitzplatz.

In addition to the musical part, there will also be an extensive range of workshops taking place in and around the Gemeindehaus Gropiusstadt.


17:00 Guterzogene Asis
17:20 TRA
17:50 Team M.I.K Family
18:30 AddeN
19:00 Brudi030
19:40 AOB
20:20 Secret Headliner

Moderated by Eda Vendetta & Almani (AOB)

Registration is not required.


Hip Hop Songwriting with PTK (age group 12 - 18, duration 2 hours)
Graffiti workshops (age group 12 - 25, each 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m.)

Participation free of charge. Registration via

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