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The German-Arab Society honors Daniel Barenboim

The German-Arab Society honors Maestro Daniel Barenboim for his lifelong humanistic advocacy with the 2023 Friedrich II von Hohenstaufen Prize. The laudatory speech will be held by Salah Abdel Shafi, the Palestinian Ambassador to Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.

The award ceremony takes place as part of the Pierre Boulez Saal’s Arabic Music Days, which have been curated annually by Iraqi oud virtuoso Naseer Shamma since 2017, and will be accompanied by musical performances of Barenboim-Said Akademie alumnus Bilal Alnemr and musicians participating in this year’s Arabic Music Days.

Admission is free, prior registration is required.

The Award Ceremony is presented by the German-Arab Society in cooperation with the Pierre Boulez Saal.
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