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The big anniversary indoor party!

“Petticoat” quickly established itself as an insider tip in the Berlin club scene, but soon became the most famous rock ‘n roll band in the city. Soon television was around the corner and brought “Petticoat” to the forefront nationwide.

Several long-playing records and CDs followed, including some of his own songs. A highlight was certainly the multi-day guest performance in what was then Leningrad, which received much media attention - almost impossible for a West Berlin band in the 1980s.

And shortly after their first German song, “Come over,” which they had just recorded, on November 10, 1989, one day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “Petticoat” was allowed to start their first GDR tour, which was still officially approved at the time. Today Petticoat is one of the most popular show bands in the country beyond the borders of Berlin.

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