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The studio of Jeanne Mammen, the artist born on November 21, 1890, at Kurfürstendamm 29 in can now be experienced in a 360° tour. With an audio commentary by Dr. Martina Weinland, the Commissioner for Cultural Heritage at the Stadtmuseum, Berlin, the digital tour takes you on a unique artistic journey through time to the studio rooms of the residential and commercial building, built in 1896/97 in a prime location in Berlin-Charlottenburg, which have remained almost unchanged since the artist's death in 1976. Individual items provide a brief introduction and explain details of the interior and the (art) objects to be discovered in the various rooms. 

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: 3D-Zeitreise in das originale Atelier von Jeanne Mammen
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Starting in 1920, the artist lived and worked for more than 56 years - at times with her sister Marie-Louise ('Mimi') - in the studio rooms on Kudamm, after Jeanne Mammen, born in 1890, and her family had left France in 1915. With her works from the 1920s, she was formative for the image of the "Golden Twenties" in Berlin. Even after the National Socialists came to power in 1933 and a completely changed understanding of art that followed, she remained in Berlin and uncompromisingly took new paths. She survived the Second World War and turned more and more to abstraction after 1945.

The studio on Kurfürstendamm has remained largely unchanged since her death in 1976, like an artistic-architectural chronicle - as a historical location and authentic reminder of one of Berlin's most famous painters and graphic artists in a turbulent time.
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