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Singer-Songwriter Festival

The idea of the Bardenale came from the desire and curiosity for Berlin singer-songwriters. At the 1st Bardenale in June 2020, the event could be held as a livestream concert thanks to the support of musicboard berlin and had a remarkable audience of 2500! In 2021 we now want to tackle it in the original format with audience.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: 3. Bardenale
© Erstehilfe-Grafik

The beautiful open air stage of the Ufa Fabrik provides an optimal setting for this. For this, the Bar-denale idea generator Lüül has asked exciting artists and colleagues. The names guarantee a demanding, varied program.

The main focus is on artistic originality and authenticity. Each act has 30 minutes to present their songs. There are mainly solo artists, as well as duos and trios at the start:

Felix Meyer, Bastian Bandt/Arno Zillmer, Manfred Maurenbrecher, Bobo In White Wooden Hou-ses, IriS Romen and Carolina Lee. Lüül will be part of the duo format and will also guide through the program again as modera-tor and do short interviews with the artists.

Line Up:

  • Felix Meyer - documentary pop music
  • Arno Zillmer - songs about leaving and arriving
  • Bobo In The Wooden Houses - The Way Of Love
  • Manfred Maurenbrecher - award-winning, clever singer-songwriter
  • IriS Romen - highly musical, Dutch musician with vintage touch
  • Carolina Lee - dream-folk in Twin Peaks mode
  • Lüül - Berlin singer/songwriter with illustrious musical output
ufaFabrik: Open Air Bühne im überdachten Sommergarten