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The Grand Opera Gala in support of the AIDS Foundation will again be held at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the 27. occasion that the Opera has hosted the Gala. The event has become one of the most important charity functions to be hosted in the capital and is now an established fixture on Berlin's cultural and social calendar.

Working alongside the chorus and orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, top-class actors - both talented newcomers and established artists - will lay bare the world of opera in all its fascinating variety.

Audiences can expect not only a distillation of pure opera in distinguished company but also the satisfaction of serving a cause that continues to affect us all.

Additional information
Best of Opera - Arias, Ensembles, Choruses and Overtures
Participating artists
Andrea Sanguineti (Musikalische Leitung)
Rolando Villazón (Moderation)
Jeremy Bines (Chor)
Christian Lindhorst (Kinderchor)
Joel Allison (Mit)
SeokJong Baek (Mit)
Davia Bouley (Mit)
Andrei Danilov (Mit)
Lilit Davtyan (Mit)
Oleksandra Diachenko (Mit)
Hila Fahima (Mit)
Andrzej Filończyk (Mit)
Artur Garbas (Mit)
Saioa Hernández (Mit)
Philipp Jekal (Mit)
Misha Kiria (Mit)
Maria Kataeva (Mit)
Kangyoon Shine Lee (Mit)
Josh Lovell (Mit)
Antonio Mandrillo (Mit)
Hye-Young Moon (Mit)
Dean Murphy (Mit)
Anton Rositskiy (Mit)
Padraic Rowan (Mit)
Hulkar Sabirova (Mit)
Elena Tsallagova (Mit)
Nils Wanderer (Mit)
Adela Zaharia (Mit)
Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Chor)
Kinderchor der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Kinderchor)
Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Orchester)