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A special event took place in the Academy of Arts in December 1998: the Tanzfabrik, today Berlin's oldest institution for contemporary dance, celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala. 18 dancers, choreographers and companies each presented a “performative gift” to those present in the sold-out Hanseatenweg. This lavish festival was the birth of the dance night.

Since the first official edition in 2000, Tanznacht has undergone many developments: it has moved from the Academy of Arts to the Uferstudios, a single night has become a multi-day festival with full-length productions, and the festival has brought together dance with other artistic disciplines brought conversation. One thing has remained unchanged: Each issue has been developed in relation to the current topics, questions and challenges of the independent Berlin dance scene.

This year the festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary! This should be taken as an opportunity to revive the original spirit of the dance night.

From 8.9. 19:00 to 9.9. At 8:00 p.m. a 25-hour dance marathon will take place in the Berlin Uferstudios. 80 Berlin-based dancers of different generations with different backgrounds are invited to a performance of their artistic-physical practice that focuses on the essentials. A kaleidoscope of the choreographic expressions of Berlin's dance scene will then unfold for the audience within a special stage space situation.
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