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The 1st Berlin Stroll Marathon invites you to a leisurely stroll along the original Berlin marathon route in four episodes. The tours can be downloaded free of charge. Because the walk is directed toward the finish line, as in a real marathon, the walk does not end at the starting point. The tours can take an average of three hours and cover four kilometers. They are suitable for everyone who wants to walk well and with pleasure around the city. This way you get to know Berlin while strolling for 42.195 km.

Unter den Linden mit Berliner Dom und Fernsehturm
Unter den Linden mit Berliner Dom und Fernsehturm © tanja dickert

The best thing about the tours are the many stories and puzzles about the city. In an entertaining and exciting way, so many places and corners of the city are brought close beyond the tourist paths.

A marathon like this is really a walk in Berlin!
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