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Symphony concert with James Gaffigan

What do Walter Kollo’s operetta Marietta, Darius Milhaud’s La Création du monde , and Béla Bartók’s Dance Suite have in common? If you look at their styles and formats, they could hardly be more different. But all three works left their musical mark on the year 1923, when they each premiered.

‘A German trauma’ is what Mark Jones calls that year of political and social upheaval—but this is contrasted against the period’s profusion of musical masterpieces reflecting its great artistic diversity.

With this documentary concert, the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin, conducted by our music director James Gaffigan, will explore the sonic kaleidoscope of that momentous year, diving a hundred years back in history with various artefacts of the time, including contemporary diary entries.

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Additional information
Works by Darius Milhaud, Béla Bartók, Walter Kollo, and others
Participating artists
James Gaffigan (Musikalische Leitung)
Inigo Giner Miranda (Konzertinszenierung)
Mirka Wagner (Solistin)
Cathrin Romeis (Schattenspielerinnen, Sprecherinnen)
Vera Kardos (Schattenspielerinnen, Sprecherinnen)