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With their 25th anniversary album "9000 Nights" they present new and rediscovered, gems and bombastic in good old tradition. Their crossover style on acoustic instruments produces a sound that combines influences from Balkan music, Americana and chanson. Their concert marathon halfway around the world has brought them together musically. The 12 musicians see the challenge of the pandemic of renouncing the communal as an incentive to make the impossible possible and to remain mutable together as artists.

17 HIPPIES presse_consense
On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, they present their album 9.000 NÄCHTE with numerous star moments of their work so far. Innovative and forward-looking is the accompanying interactive music app, which fans out the work into three different sound levels. Listeners can choose between beat-emphasized or atmospheric sounds and immerse themselves in an expanded hippie cosmos.
For the "Hippie-Haus-Tanz" (Hippie House Dance), they will be in top form and enchant the Kesselhaus into seething happiness at the end of the year.

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